Unit Audiology

The clinical activity of the infant medical unit of Audiology Audiology sector occurs in the multidisciplinary, in connection with the services of maternity and Pediatrics and the CHU general hospitals of the Aquitaine region and neighbouring departments of Aquitaine (Region Poitou-Charente in particular). Ties are in place with the specialized agencies, places of childhood home, the departmental houses for persons with disabilities (MDPH), host the RSA (sign language) and the deafness Information Centre (CIS).

It concerns

  • Diagnosis of the disorders of the hearing especially in very young children (following neonatal screening or outside), in implementing support projects and the follow-up of children throughout their journey.
  • The diagnosis of disorders of language and language delays in children with or without a hearing problem and referral to appropriate professionals.
  • The identification of disorders of behavior and the relationship and orientation of children and their families to appropriate professionals.


  • Postgraduate training open to all physicians
  • Teaching in the Department of speech-language pathology
  • Teaching within the school of midwifery
  • Education in the nursery school

Link: Agenda 2014


  • Participation in the Committee local and national monitoring of neonatal screening of hearing under the auspices of the CNAMTS (Caisse Nationale of health insurance for salaried workers and the AFDPHE (French Association for the screening and Prevention of disability of the child), Bordeaux is one of the 6 drivers.
  • Participation in the study Aquipage (national PHRC on the monitoring of preterm).
  • Participation in the Steering Committee of the RESAQ 0-3 years (Aquitaine deaf child network).
  • Participation in the network health language (girondin network).


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Practical information

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